There were many books I have reviewed since Flex was released in the market. This book is something I like more and learn more by looking on to the code samples. The initial chapters talk about Spark Component Model which is new to Flex 4. It covers Spark Component Model in detail with all possible ways of implementing spark skin. The new Text Layout Framework is also discussed in details with examples. I would recommend this book if someone is also looking for Spark List and ItemRenders concepts in detail. The new decedent selector capability is also discussed with good examples for CSS3 standard. It is important to understand the new changes in State model which is created from ground up in Flex 4. Good examples of Flex ViewStates are given with practical approach. Last but not least RSLs and Modules are covered in depth.

This books is a gemĀ  for anyone who is looking real world practical examples with extensive in-depth understand.

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Nouman Naveed
My name is Mohammed Nouman Naveed. I work and play with Flash Platform technologies and has experience of 11 years. Consulting and Training is part of my job. I am Adobe Certified Instructor, Adobe User Group Manager, Adobe Certified Expert and Adobe Community Champion.