September 28th, 2013

Many New Features in AEM 5.6.1

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Written by: Nouman Naveed
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AEM 5.6.1 is a easy to use, unified experience management collection for marketers in the digital sphere to use in creating, managing, and delivering unique online experiences that are brand-entered and increase demand across digital platforms. This system is used for enterprise-level companies that have an extensive number of complex resources AEM 5.6.1 uses Media add-on modules to deliver high-volume resources to multiple platforms.

A few of the 158 AEM 5.6 upgrades featured in AEM 5.6.1 are outline in detail below:

Web Content Management & Mobile

The huge changes for Web content management and mobile result in increased productivity, Superior user experience, and more efficient workflow. For example, you now have the skill to drag and drop content directly from the content finder into the section system, you can entrée recently edited pages from the Welcome page, and your images adapt size based on the tool that is rendering the site.


If you’re appear for somewhat in the commerce department, appear no further. You can now show recently-viewed products, make Product Importer more easy to get and you can have an “un-editable proxy page” in catalog creation. All of these things improve product discovery, accelerate updates, and allow more competence and extensibility.

Digital Assets Management

Digital assets are getting a change in this update with the preamble of Metadata Ingestion Templates, which raise the quality of your digital resources in the DAM. You can also now remove and manage sub-assets directly from Microsoft PowerPoint, as well as advantage from improved DRM to superior impose advantage license and usage terms more successfully

Marketing Campaign Management

Marketers can finally compose greater their email integration with Exact aim and maintain for Silver pop join. You can also leverage CRM data from Salesforce.com to personalize user experience as well as obtain a new design unit Import designs from Web designers (using HMTL, CSS) into any page, and do it quicker than ever before.

Adobe Cloud Integration

In assume to the Cloud, you will now consist of integration with Audience Management capabilities of the Adobe Media Optimizer Solution, which will develop your reach of customer framework with visitor data collected through Adobe Audience Manager. AEM 5.6.1 will also present increased support for video milestone tracking, allowing you customer video insights.

Media Publisher Capabilities

Media Publishers will be able to define and configure roll and paging performance on magazine spreads. This will allow you to promote high-quality touch and improve editor’s production. In addition publishers no longer have to define preview images, and you will have new touch-optimized publication administration, allowing you to be a part of re-defining touch-enabled production tools.

Social Communities

Build polls by means of this update, enabling you to get customer within reach during your website. In addition, discussion posts and reply will now be presented in the form of email, given that a more suitable and palatable way for members to stay up-to-date. Finally the AEM 5.6.1 update enables guests to create events, which will drive your appointment up.

Deploy Options

At present you will be able to expand your replication. The new “batched” and “binary-less” modes allow optimized presentation and replication. A partial view technology available to you now is the apply of Amazon S3 as a position for the Binary Datastore, which allows Cloud deployments and leverages the S3 storage to maintain your binaries.

Server Operations

Server Operations will now have the potential to start servers with a “nosamplecontent” to avoid demo content from place-holding. In addition the Automatic Workflow Instances clean and superior Data store Garbage Collector will reduce maintenance.


IN addition to final but not least, if you are a developer, Adobe has not forgotten you! You achieve to try out new API enhancements, as well as Social Graph, that will boost your efficiency. You also obtain an update to your LESS to take your code maintainable.

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