July 28th, 2013

What’s New in CQ 5.6

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Written by: Nouman Naveed
Adobe CQ5 WEM, SOCO, Tagging, DAM

1: It’s called AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) now

Though I guess not that essential, it’s going to be exciting if the name is going to attach – there were other occasions where Adobe tried to rename this result and at the finish, we all remain calling it Adobe CQ (yes, we ultimately don’t call it Day CQ any longer).

2: Responsive Design Support

If you download the latest release and navigate to the geometrixx-media example webpage and switch over to preview mode, you’ll see a dropdown allowing you to easily and quickly change the device that you are using to view the site. Also, the geometrixx-media example is now a nice example of a responsive design website and a good starting point for your own projects since more and more people are going the route of designing tablet-first websites.

3: Adaptive Images Support

The inclusion (in the geometrixx-media code base) of an adaptive-image component is a great addition to the component libraries available from the get-go in CQ. The adaptive image component helps you minimize the size of a page if browsing with a smaller device (mobile phone) by downloading a version of the image that matches the screen size of the device instead of using the browser to scale the image. Also, those pesky retina displays will get a different version of the image served to them leaving  a better impression with your customer.

4: Launches

One of my favorite new features in CQ (sorry ADEP (oh now, it’s called AEM now)). You can now basically branch your site structure and work on a future account of the site while still changing the current account of the site. The branch and the current account are kept in sync over the LiveCopy functionality. You can then launch your new content – the current copy of the content is updated at that time. There feature also makes use of the workflow package idea to allow you to publish all the pages you changed in one bulk transaction.

The associate allows you to switch between the current content or a branch and also has the skill to promote your branch.

Note: there are some issues with the out of the box components not working right in the divided mode. An example of this is if you go to the gemoetrixx example site and branch for example the ‘products’ section off you’ll see that the navigation is not working anymore. I heard some rumour that Adobe is addressing these issues.

5: Manuscripts/Articles

There is a innovative concept in 5.6 of pleased that does not live in the regular site hierarchy – you can author the manuscripts/articles with a wiki style editor and then comprise them anywhere on your site (great examples in the geometrixx-media site), select how many columns you want to use for the display of these articles and also add other content/images between every paragraph. It’s a great demonstration of authoring some sort of content outside of the regular site structure and reuse of that information in multiple places.

6: Publications

5.6 now allows you to make magazines and publish them through an Adobe service to your mobile or tablet devices and the App Store. Seems to be a grand new feature and I’ll defiantly will use more time on this one to learn how it essentially works. It may be a nice feature to publish an internal or external magazine for a company.

7: New Code Editor in CRXDE|lite

CRXDE|lite got a new code editor – gone are the times of graze out code, shadows, etc. Great to  see that this issue has been addressed.

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